Eindklant / 13.10.2011

Triple the networking performance: devolo presents the first dLAN® 500 adapter with three gigabit ports

devolo introduces another member of its dLAN® 500 product family, which features three gigabit network connections. With the dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ you can connect all of your network-compatible devices in one room directly to one another and the Internet – ideal for a living room or home office. The integrated electrical socket ensures that no power outlet goes to waste. The dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ represents simple home networking via the power line: it combines the high speed of a classic cable network with the flexibility of Powerline technology, since every power outlet in every room becomes an Internet access port. With a transmission rate of up to 500 Mbps, dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ offers higher performance than current network cable or WLAN connections.

Aachen, Germany-based devolo AG is expanding its dLAN® 500 portfolio – the quickest and easiest connection for computers and network-compatible devices via household electrical wiring. After introducing their multiple award-winning dLAN® 500 AVmini and dLAN® 500 AVplus adapters, the powerline specialists are expanding their product range with a product variant that allows up to three computers or network-compatible devices to be connected directly.

The dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ can be used in an IT environment as well as for connecting state-of-the-art networked consumer electronics. An integrated gigabit switch with three network jacks makes it possible, for instance, to connect a computer, network printer and NAS hard drive in a home office to each other and the Internet. In the living room, the compact dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ provides an Internet connection for all network-compatible electronics such as Smart TVs, IPTV set-top boxes (Telekom Entertain, Alice TV), Blu-ray players and game consoles. Through the use of Gigabit technology the connected devices can fully tap their transmission capacity and optimally utilise the high bandwidth of the dLAN® 500. The dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ makes it possible to transmit and receive multiple separate 3D HD streams simultaneously.

dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ in detail

Like the dLAN® 500 AVplus, the dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ also has an integrated electrical socket – so all the power outlets in a room remain usable. The built-in mains filter optimises data transmission in the dLAN®. For optimal security against unauthorised access the dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ possesses 128 bit AES encryption, which can be activated simply at the touch of a button. In addition to high performance and security, the adapter also distinguishes itself with excellent energy efficiency: while operating the dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ manages energy use dynamically. The power requirements are further reduced by over 90 percent in standby mode. Consumption then stands at under 0.5 watts.

Quick & secure connection – without complicated configuration

With the dLAN® 500 devolo has consistently stuck to its "Plug and Go" philosophy. No complicated configuration is necessary when setting up a dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ adapter. The adapter must be simply plugged into a power outlet and connected with a network-compatible device or a DSL router using the provided network cable. A quick and secure connection is established through one push of the encryption button. For interested users devolo offers optional dLAN® monitoring software free of charge with dLAN® Cockpit, which allows extensive, individualised configuration.

The dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ is available in stores starting in October 2011. devolo offers the adapter individually as well as part of a starter kit consisting of two adapters. The dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ starts at a recommended retail price of 99.90 euros; the starter kit (consisting of one dLAN® 500 AVtriple+ and one dLAN® 500 AVplus) is available for 179.90 euros.