Product details

Are you looking for a reliable Green PHY solution for vehicle-to-grid communication in your high-speed e-charging stations? Then the devolo dLAN® Green PHY module is the right choice. It makes intelligent data transmission possible between the electric vehicle and the charging station. This means the battery gets charged quickly. What's more—the open standard allows smart energy applications, sensor technology solutions and automated functions to be implemented efficiently and used in a flash.


An additional advantage: The dLAN Green PHY module is designed to minimise energy consumption while operating, making it perfect for industrial use. The fully integrated Green PHY network controller features a variety of integrated hardware interfaces, including Fast Ethernet, UART, USB, SPI and I²C. In addition, the open API (Application Programming Interface) enables querying of status information and straightforward device configuration.

Application: Green PHY-PLC-Modem with controller and control pilot (CP)

Further information and a comprehensive software development kit including a manual can be found at

Green PHY Module sketch showing the application and function

Advantages for you as a device manufacturer

  • Network enablement: As networking continues to grow, connecting terminal devices to the network becomes more and more important. We offer you a technology that enables you to make your products network-compatible in a cost-efficient manner.
  • IEEE standard: The dLAN® Green PHY module is compatible with IEEE 1901 and provides for investment protection.
  • HomePlug Green PHY: Support of the standard grants a high degree of compability within the network.
  • Reliability: Our products are subjected to continuous quality control.
  • ISO 9001 certified: Consistently high quality and customer satisfaction is the basis for our success. Therefore, we have had our quality management certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): For easy module integration and embedding into your system (configuration and monitoring)


Other products from the Green PHY range

dLAN Green PHY eval board II

  • Evaluation platform for the dLAN Green PHY modules over power, coaxial or twisted-pair cables
  • Enables PLC-to-Ethernet bridging in the basic settings – that's how you get started with e-mobility without going to the effort of programming at the module
  • 2 MikroElektronika Click Boards that can be integrated as a communication interface, sensor or actuator using an SDK

Green PHY Module V2

  • Data communication between electric vehicle (EV) and charging station (EVSE)
  • Standardised charging cable communication in accordance with ISO 150118
  • Based on Qualcomm QCA7006 Green PHY chip
  • Optimum time-to-market, thanks to integrated Ethernet and SPI port