Product details

Professional Powerline technology for control cabinet and distribution box integration: The dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail enables the implementation of a wide variety of scenarios, from machine-to-machine communication to comprehensive multimedia networks. The solution potential of integrating the dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail into all kinds of distribution boxes in accordance with the DIN standard provides a core for building networking—every electrical socket in a building becomes a potential network jack.

Suitable for the following applications

Medical practices

Along with electronic health card readers, laboratory measuring devices, medical diagnostic devices and monitoring tools work together closely in the medical practice's network. And because of advancing digitalization, many medical practices are due for a modernization or expansion of the IT network. 

Hotels & food service

Food service specialists and hoteliers require a strong network in their facilities for connecting the IT infrastructure of booking, POS and order systems as well as other computers, servers and printers and web-based video or music server solutions. They must also be able to provide their guests with a stable wireless Internet connection.

Office buildings

The office world speaks IP: Computers, servers, printers, scanners, copiers and other office devices are connected to the Internet and intranet, providing an optimal workflow for efficient operation organization. Furthermore, when expanding office spaces, installation of network cables makes up a large part of the cost.

Benefits at a glance

Ethernet-to-Powerline bridge for professional networking solutions

If you have purchased the dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail, you can install it at home. For this you need an electrical specialist to take over the work on the distribution box.

  • 1,200 Mbps Powerline technology with MIMO transmission (also on PE)
  • Maximised Powerline network performance using integrated phase coupling and patented signal coupling processes
  • Secure integration in the control cabinet or distribution box on a DIN rail (DINrail - 4 sub-units) via direct installation

Enables extensive networking

  • Enables extensive networking for multimedia transmission, building automation (smart home), energy data acquisition, machine-to-machine communication and much more
  • Up to 400 metre range over the electrical wiring in the building
  • Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ45)

Innovative Technology

Once installed, the dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail becomes the heart of your building network. Overcome a range of up to 400 meters via the power line and easily set up a powerful and lightning-fast dLAN. The Powerline Bridge dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail converts potentially any socket in a building into a network socket and can also be used for M2M connections of any kind.

Scope of delivery
  • 1x dLAN® pro 1200 DINrail Adapter
  • 1x Ethernet cable RJ45-RJ45
  • 1x Installation guide
  • 1x CD-ROM with configuration software